The Pulse Research Database is a centralized list of previous and ongoing pulse research in nutrition, health, environmental sustainability, quality, functionality, processing and applications. The database was developed by Pulse Canada as a tool for the pulse research community and is co-managed by Pulse Canada, the USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council and the American Pulse Association. The database provides the following benefits for scientists, research funders and pulse industry stakeholders:

  • Access to information on pulse research projects for which results may not been published, as well as projects that are currently underway for which public information would not be widely available
  • Eliminates the need to search multiple websites of pulse research funding organizations and public databases for information on pulse research projects
  • Includes only research on pulses, therefore eliminates the need to enter names of all pulse types and formats when conducting a search, unless deliberately limiting the search to research on a specific pulse type or ingredient format

Scientists who work on pulse research as well as organizations who invest in pulse-related research are encouraged to update the database with the latest information on projects they are involved in. Only non-confidential information on research projects is to be included in the database.

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